Carraro Retail Coffee 250g

Dolci Arabica Ground Coffee

The blend is made up of 8 meticulously selected, top quality Arabicas from Central and South America, the Horn of Africa and India. Fragrant and floral aroma with jasmine and rose petal notes.

The full flavour has strong sweet accents. Very pleasant, barely perceptible acidity. Delicate, lingering aftertaste. Enjoyable at any time of the day. The perfect afternoon coffee. Appeals particularly to the female palate.

Tazza D’oro Ground Coffee

The Tazza d’Oro blend is the result of Carraro’s many years of research and experience in the industry that cover a period of three generations.

It is made from eight meticulously selected Arabica (90%) and Robusta (10%) varieties. This blend has been a favourite in cafés for decades because of its wonderful properties of compact and persistent creaminess, fragrant and fruity aroma, rich and velvety flavour.

Crema Espresso Ground Coffee

The Crema Espresso coffee beans is a special blend of sweet Central American Arabicas together with the best Brazilian Santos.

Body is provided by the highly valued Indian and Central American washed Robustas.

SuperBar Ground Coffee

The Super Bar blend, created to satisfy the demands of the drinker who enjoys a very definite, full-bodied coffee, features a fragrant aroma of fine roasted coffee, a highly compact creaminess and a full, harmonious body.

The aftertaste evokes attractively rounded and velvety flavours of good traditional coffee. The blend is made up of top quality washed and natural Arabicas from the Horn of Africa and Brazil and from meticulously selected African and Asian Robustas.

1927 Roasted Coffee

The 1927 blend represents the synthesis of over 80 years of Caffè Carraro skill and experience in the art of the Italian Espresso Coffee.

It is made from a selection of eight of the best quality coffees produced every year from around the world, individually roasted and blended immediately before being packed in a protected atmosphere.

In the cup a well-balanced structure with compact creaminess, intensely aromatic, full bodied, persistent, chocolaty aftertaste.

Dolci Arabica Roasted Coffee

For Carraro, the Dolci Arabica blend represents the maximum result in terms of aroma and smoothness obtainable in a coffee. Produced with eight rigorously selected qualities of the Arabica species only, this blend is reserved for the most demanding and refined consumer.

• The beans are selected at their origin in the best plantations in Central and South America and in the Horn of Africa.
• Slow roasting, type by type, air cooling and the right maturing exalt the smooth flavour and the floral aroma of this blend.
• A ground coffee for moka pots packed in a protected atmosphere to last 24 months.
• Low caffeine content (max 1.7%) and therefore suitable for evening consumption.