Bestmax Water Optimisation Systems

Bestmax is the all-round filtration solution for unique coffee water, ideal water for vending machines and optimal steam generation for ovens and combi steamers. Simple and practical – specifically developed for the wide ranging requirements of the catering industry.

Thanks to new High Efficiency Technology (HET) from BWT water + more and bestmax filter catridges, water optimisation will now become even more efficient once again.

Your benefits

Consistently high quality for all hot and cold drinks, in cups and mugs, in the kitchen and the bakery, for all snacks and bakery products.


Bestmax water optimisation stands for

  • Highest efficiency with 5x filtration
  • Highly efficient hard water treatment for scale protection
  • Connection technology for all filter types & sizes.
  • Simple filter exchange
  • Direct, one-off bypass setting at the filter head
  • Includes filtraton of the bypass water
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Automatic shut-off valve when changing filter
  • Back flow shut-off valve integrated in filter head